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Anji White Tea

As a type of green tea, Anji white tea is picked around Qingming festival. The picking lasts 20~30 days.


In the past decade, the package of white tea has developed into divers types. However, most of them are using carton outside and small iron box inside.

Nuts, Bamboo shoots…

Nuts and bamboo shoots are another important business for us. There are also some products like hand-make chilli sauce, home-herding eggs, etc.


Big outer carton plus small inner iron box, the classic package of white tea. However, there are hundreds of different styles. Here we selected are either special of itself or special for you.


Youth people don’t like those fusty boxes. Hence, textile package and glass pot are also could be used, as long as they could keep the tea dry and cool.


Carya cathayensis Sarg. in our store is mainly from Lin’an, the county next to Anji.

There are also other types of nuts, like Chinese torreya, pine nut, pecon and so on.

Bamboo shoots

Yes, bamboo shoots, another famous products in Anji, the county of bamboo.

We have shoots throughout the four seasons. Like spring shoot in spring, winter shoot in winter.


Green food seems very popular nowadays. We receive frequently some hand-make or home-herding foods from our friends and relatives.

It’s a pleasure to share with those who like them.